Big tests ahead for de Blasio

The mayor faces serious challenges to his agenda on affordable housing, rezoning and neighborhood development

October 01, 2014
By Adam Pincus

Nobody ever said the job would be easy. But as Mayor Bill de Blasio moves deeper into his tenure, the challenges he’s facing on the real estate front are coming into greater focus.

Despite any idealistic goals, every mayor has to balance interests from all corners of the city if he wants anything to get done. For example, de Blasio needs to navigate a pro-tenant City Council that is very much behind him, while also ensuring that he doesn’t alienate developers, who he must rely on to reach his ambitious housing goals.

The mayor also needs to spur office development

in Midtown, where many industry players argue that the aging supply of buildings can’t compete with the state-of-the-art structures rising in Hudson Yards, Lower Manhattan and other global cities that New York competes with to attract international firms.


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