Activists Blast Jeffrey Klein for His Ties to the Real Estate Industry

Tenant activists are taking aim at one Democratic state senator for his close ties to the city’s real estate industry.

Alliance for Tenant Power, a liberal pro-tenants organization, is planning a series of tweets and Facebook memes blasting State Senator Jeffrey Klein, a Bronx Democrat and leader of the Independence Democratic Conference. The group is targeting Mr. Klein, a co-leader in the Senate and an ally of the Republican majority, for not supporting their priorities, including a repeal of the controversial tax break, 421-a, an end to vacancy decontrol, and an overall strengthening of rent laws.

“Senator Jeff Klein has nearly 45,000 rent-stabilized apartments in his district, but too often he operates as a paid spokesman for REBNY and the real-estate industry,” said Delsenia Glover, a spokeswoman for Alliance for Tenant Power. “That’s why fed-up rent-stabilized tenants are coming together to shame him today online and target him at his office in Albany.”


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