421a Protesters Rally Against PSG Development

A controversial Prospect-Lefferts Gardens development attracted protesters this week, angered over both the luxury project and the 421a tax abatement program. The Alliance for Tenant Power staged the rally against the 254-unit residential building at 626 Flatbush Avenue Thursday, according to Curbed. Around 75 protestors attended and politicians Diana Richardson and Shirley Patterson both spoke at the event. Protesters are alarmed that only 51 of 254 units were deemed “affordable.” A studio apartment in the building will cost roughly $1,900 a month. “[626 Flatbush] is going to be a luxury development in the middle of a neighborhood that is working class,” said Delsenia Glover, who leads the Alliance for Tenant Power. “And folks are afraid of escalating rents and displacement. We believe that 421-a leads to gentrification and is a program that’s outlived its usefulness.” In February, developer Hudson Cos. won a massive court battle brought against it by several neighborhood coalitions, which accused Hudson of cheating to pass an environmental review process. [Curbed] – Christopher Cameron

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