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Katie Goldstein, Executive Director: Katie has been with Tenants & Neighbors since 2007 where she started as a tenant organizer through AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps. She became the Executive Director in March 2014 after being the Director of Organizing, where she led policy and legislative campaigns, field organizing, and education and leadership development initiatives. Katie has had experience in tenant, community, faith-based, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ, and labor organizing over her past ten years as an organizer. She has worked for and been on the Board of Directors of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, is a graduate of the Rockwood Leadership Institute, and has been a participatory budgeting facilitator in her neighborhood of Kensington, Brooklyn.  She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in Global Studies.

Quote: Tenants & Neighbors does the work to keep the city and the state affordable. Every day, we are building a strong tenant movement for low and moderate income tenants to stay in their homes and communities.

Delsenia Glover, Rent Regulation Lead Organizer/ Alliance for Tenant Power Campaign Manager: Delsenia joined the Tenants & Neighbors staff in September 2013 after being an active tenant leader in Tenants & Neighbors Rent Stabilization Leadership Committee. She participated along with Tenants & Neighbors staff and a board member in the North Star Fund Movement Leadership Grant Program in 2013. A tenant activist in Harlem, she is currently the Vice-President of the Lenox Terrace Tenant Association after being the President. In 2007, she created an organization called the Gang of Six, an alliance between the three large rent-regulated developments in Harlem including Lenox Terrace, the Riverton, and the Savoy. In her time at Tenants & Neighbors, she co-led Tenants & Neighbors pilot Tenant Leadership Institute and leads the legislative and policy campaigns to strengthen the rent laws at the state-level. Prior to joining Tenants & Neighbors staff, she worked in Education and Public Relations.

Jennifer Berkley, Subsidized Housing Lead Organizer

Originally from Brookline, Mass., Jen has been a New Yorker for nearly a decade. She has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, on several local, state, and national political campaigns, as well as an aide to a member of the New York State Assembly in Queens and the New York City Council in Brooklyn. She received her BA in Politics and Journalism from Brandeis University (Cum Laude) and her MS in Urban Affairs from Hunter College/CUNY with honors in 2011. She is involved in a number of community groups and organizations in her Brooklyn neighborhood, including the Flatbush Farm Share CSA, Q Gardens, and Friends of the Cortelyou Library. She lives in Ditmas Park with her boyfriend and three cats, Summer, Liberty and Woodruff.

Quote: I believe all New Yorkers who are invested in their neighborhoods should be able to afford to live in their communities without the fear of being displaced from their homes if their rent increases so much that their apartment becomes unaffordable. Yet this is happening every single day in the city of New York. Everyone has a right to safe, secure and affordable housing. Without a place to live, everything else becomes insignificant — food, clothing, education, medical care, etc. No one in the wealthiest nation in the world should be homeless.

Miriam Serrano, Office Manager and Member Services Coordinator: Miriam oversees the maintenance of our office and also plays an instrumental role in member services, including coordinating the logistics for the annual membership meeting and conference and providing information and referrals to rent regulated tenants. She also plays a major role in our grassroots fundraising. Miriam is a fluent Spanish speaker and has been with Tenants & Neighbors for over sixteen years.

Darren Pratseunsinh, Jesuit Volunteer Tenant Organizer: Darren is from Seattle, Washington and moved to Brooklyn after joining the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Prior to joining Tenants & Neighbors, Darren worked for a retirement home company for six years in various positions. At Tenants & Neighbors, Darren most enjoys meeting the tenants we work with and seeing firsthand how the power of organizing and education can create change for families across the city.


The New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition is a membership organization, and our work is made possible by the active involvement of our members. Click here (https://crm.tandn.org/pdf/IN_OUR_VOICES.pdf) to read more about several of our Tenant Leadership Committee members.


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Individual Members

As of April 2013, the New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition had approximately 2000 individual dues-paying members!

Please help us build our power by joining or renewing your membership today. Minimum annual membership dues are $35, $10 for low income people and youth under age 25. Click here to pay your membership dues. Please note that dues support legislative organizing and lobbying and are not tax deductible.

Organizational Members

ATLT (Lincoln Towers)

Boulevard Towers Tenant Association

Lenox Terrace

West Village Houses

Westview Neighbors’ Association

Atlantic Plaza Towers

Fresh Meadows Tenant Association

IMPAC Tenant Association

Hotel Windemere Tenants Alliance

Westbeth Artists Residents Council

Phelps House Tenant Association

YWCA of Brooklyn Tenant Association

Rockwood Center Tenant Association

Royal Gardens Tenant Association

Hobbs Ciena Tenant Association

98 Riverside Drive Tenant Association

10 West 65th Street Tenant Association

310 West 85th Street Tenant Association

1775 House Tenant Association

509 West 93rd Street Tenant Association

165 East 118th Street Residents’ Association

If your organization would like to join the New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition, please send your membership dues to us by check to 236 West 27th Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001 or make a payment online using a credit card. Please indicate when you pay your dues who the contact person for your organization is and how to reach him or her. Please note that dues support legislative organizing and lobbying and are not tax deductible. Minimum annual membership dues for organization are:



$6,000 or less $50
$6,001-$10,000 $75
$10,001-$20,000 $100
$20,001-$30,000 $125
$30,001-$40,000 $150
$40,001-$50,000 $175
$50,000 or more $200

Larger donations are most welcome and much appreciated!
Become an organizational member today.

Support Tenants & Neighbors

We accomplish a tremendous amount with very little. A contribution to Tenants & Neighbors is money well spent.” -T&N Member Leader

Contributions can be made to NY State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition, our 501(c)4 membership organization, or to NY State Tenants & Neighbors Information Service, our 501(c)3 affiliate. Contributions to NY State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition support lobbying and other legislative activities and so are not tax deductible. Contributions to NY State Tenants & Neighbors Information Service are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

There are several ways that individuals and organizations can support the work of Tenants & Neighbors:

Become an Individual or Organizational Member. Our power comes from having a large, diverse, and active membership. Both individuals and organizations can join the NY State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition. Click here for more information about membership and/or to join online today.

Make a Contribution by mail to the NY State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition and/or the NY State Tenants & Neighbors Information Service. Please send your check or money order to 255 West 36th Street, Suite 505 New York NY 10018. Please indicate which organization your contribution is for. You can also make your contribution online at www.tenantsandneighbors.org/donate.html.

Make a Bequest. Please consider remembering Tenants & Neighbors in your will. For more information, please contact Katie Goldstein at Kgoldstein@tandn.org or 212-608-4320 ext. 400.

Institutional Donors

Tenants & Neighbors is very grateful to the institutional donors who have helped to make our work possible. Institutional donors who have supported the New York State Tenants & Neighbors Information Service’s programs in recent years include:

Ben & Jerry’s Foundation

Capital One Foundation

Claretian Social Development Fund

New York Community Trust

North Star Fund

Scherman Foundation

The Rosin Fund