Our Board

Most of the NY State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition Board members live in regulated, subsidized, or formerly subsidized housing. Ten of the Board members are elected by the general membership at general membership meetings. People who stand for election to the Coalition Board typically have already made significant contributions to the organization through service on one of our Tenant Leadership Committees. The other five Board members, mostly staff of allied organizations, are appointed by the elected Board members.

Board Officers:

Alyse Erman, President*
Rent Regulated Tenant

Emanuel Hickson, Vice President*
Section 8 Tenant

Katy Bordonaro, Secretary*
Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition

Elaine Williams, Treasurer*
Rent Regulated Tenant

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Tom Waters, Assistant Treasurer*
Community Service Society

Board Members:

Fannie Burke
Section 8 Tenant

Ellen Davidson
Legal Aid Society

Joe Lamport
Communications Professional

Ricky Leung*
Section 8 Tenant

Lucy Levy
Rent Controlled Tenant

Jackie Peters
Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition

* Also on the Board of the NY State Tenants & Neighbors Information Service.